meet with us

Here we will talk about any home repairs to think about and how to set your home up to show it's best.

set your price

After viewing your home, and performing extensive research throughout your neighborhood, we will offer a market evaluation. We will offer our opinion and guidance for a price point, but ultimately, it is a price set by you.

listing paperwork

We'll go over all the paperwork with you for the house to go ready on the market.


professional photos, Showings, & Marketing

Don't worry! You're mostly done. We'll handle all of this part, and go over a marketing plan with you to make sure we get your house sold fast!

You have the option of negotiating with counteroffers to your buyers purchase agreement. Once those are signed and agreed upon we move on to the next step! We'll walk you through every step of the way.

inspection & Appraisal

In most cases but not all, the buyer will request an inspection and appraisal to be done on the house. Any further negotiations that need to happen, will occur here. After that, you're on your way!

Prepare your home for the market

offer presented

This will include: decluttering your home, removing personal photos, securing your prized possessions, any repairs you decided to do, and any staging.

We'll present all offers received to you in a way that makes sense to you and give you the tools to make the best decision.

accept offer

Congratulations, you're almost there!

time for closing

Come sign a few papers, and congratulations you've sold your home!

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